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Cultural Training - Latin America

Author Lucila Ortiz
  Maria Lucila Ortiz moved to the USA from her country, Argentina, 15 years ago. She holds a degree in International Relations from the Universidad Católica de Córdoba (Cordoba-Argentina). She is a successful business planning professional with a proven record of success in a variety of businesses...more on this author
Module This module serves as a guide to Latin America and its different aspects.

Cultural Training - Latin America
Latin America and Latinos in the USA

   Distributed in 5 useful classes:

a. Latin America
b. Latinos
c. Latino Market in the USA
d. Marketing to Latinos
e. The Spanish Language

   You will...

  • Learn about the Hispanic Market
  • Learn how to market to the Hispanic Market
  • Learn how to create and increase business with the Hispanic Market
  • Learn how to develop a loyal and long term relationship with the Hispanic Market
  • Multiply your effort and successful techniques with the growing Hispanic Market everywhere